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Mayor of Neiva made available 24 procedures online


To decongest offices and premises of the Municipality in fulfillment of Plan '20 actions for 100 days, "the administration of Rodrigo Lara Sanchez made available to the community 24 transactions online.​

Communication and information technology project´s office –ICT- of Neiva moves effectively during the first months of government in order to bring people to the Municipal Administration. Similarly, the regulations of open data required by the Attorney´s office through the anticorruption statute and transparency law are implemented.

On February 11th, the mayor signed an agreement with Bancolombia to raise taxes through an account and consulting firm 1Cero1, hired by the bank, responsible for training the engineers of ICT in the municipality with regards of software updates for them to handle the processing scheme used by major capitals of the country such as Medellin.

"Our engineers will be responsible for updating and managing the new portal. We are in the integration phase where we see what information will migrate and what we need to update. We are doing tests and validations, "explained engineer Angel Esquivel Antonio Cruz, Advisor ICT.