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About Us


We are a company focused on creating solutions and services through highly competitive software, based on systems  engineering of the highest standart in the industry.

Our first steps were focused on developing software tailored for entrepreneurs and microentrepreneurs. Due to the force E- Government was taking in Colombia, our company focused on creating new components that have been providing effective solutions to this need. 

This led us to strengthen in line with software development that supports public management under  parameters of the national strategy of "Government Online" for Colombia, which has taken us to lead software projects for the public sector.

Throughout our history, we have developed the platform for the portals of municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley in the department of Antioquia, which provided new and better channels of communication between citizens and the municipal administration. 

Later we added value by developing procedures and services with online payments for the MEL project (Online Municipalities Project), with the participaron of strategic  partner companies, generating an effective solution for compliance with the GEL strategy (Online Government Strategy) at national level.

With over 10 years of experience, we consolidated our position as one of the companies that has been fundamental to the development of Public Software in the Colombian market support. Our company guarantees highly configurable solutions according to specific customer needs, thanks to the globalization of Information Technology and Communications.


We are a company focused on creating solutions and services through software, through which we provide innovative technology according to customer needs and implement practical, dynamic and functional solutions company.

At present, the company has been strengthened in developing portals throughout the Colombian territory, which include the implementation and development of procedures and services with online payments under the parameters of the national strategy of Government Online.

We help to improve the processes of both public and private entities, based on the different technological developments and leading projects through various strategic alliances.


By 2017 we will be the leader in software solutions for the Colombian government. We will be dabbling in software solutions for regional governments, with quality, commitment and experience of our professional team. 

​We Will also be specialists generating integral  solutions in information technology and communications to our customers, consolidating our position as the most outstanding company in the software industry.

• Constant updating and implementation of new trends in software and ICT
• To 1Cero1 Software compliance and quality of its projects is the cornerstone of their to do daily
• The company encourages and supports the suggestions of our customers and partners towards continuous improvement
• Joint and solidary work
• Optimal customer support
• Respect for customer needs
• Dynamism and improvement of daily activities